Vuse with Care

Drop your Vuse responsibly & take a step closer to a sustainable tomorrow

commited to driving meaningful change

No more unnecessary plastic, we've removed over 4 million bottles worth of single-use plastic


pods sent our way


recycling orders


recycling locations

How can you recycle vuse

You bring the pods- we recycle them and together we head towards a eco-friendly, sustainable future

At check out on your next order, be sure to select the option for Recycling.

Vuse delivery boxes are recyclable too send your used pods in it if you've kept it.

Our delivery person will collect your recycling upon delivery of your new order.

Dispose your device in three simple steps

Use it

Use different Vuse products

Drop it

After usage, drop the product in the Vuse recycling bin

Repeat it

Use our products in a sustainable way