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Saudi Artists, Deyaa and Azee, inspired new Vuse devices

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Since day 1, Vuse was all about supporting local talents, shedding the light on their inspiring stories and original art. This new collaboration with Deyaa and Azee comes as a gem in our collaboration series, highlighting the Saudi culture and expressing its uniqueness.

Who are Azee and Deyaa?

Hailing from Jeddah, Abdulaziz Hassan “Azee” and Deyaa Rambo are 2 local graffiti artists, who like to unleash their beast of a talent in the streets of their city. Their look is as unique as their art. Substituted their shemags with snapbacks and their thobes with printed shirts, these 2 represent the progression happening in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. They were able to convey the true meaning of graffiti to the Arab people by showing them how it mirrors each one of us. The artistic pair have creatively merged Arab culture and graffiti culture to showcase an intertwining of the classic and the contemporary. Although not embraced in the beginning, their graffiti art reflects their dedication to this art form symbolizing a statement of pride.

“But for us, it’s about showing a style, showing a lifestyle. The idea is just to express ourselves.” Azee

Inspired by various cultures, nature, and what lies beyond that, Abdulaziz Hassan started doing graffiti in 2005, right after he graduated from college. His choice of Graffiti was purely led by his heart, allowing him to create his own space in the universe of art. He mixes talent and knowledge and a big dash of originality to come up with his unmissable masterpieces.

“Once the artist uncages his potential, no canvas is too big, and no idea is too small. Just put that first brush stroke to paper and let your creativity guide the free flow of your expressions." Deyaa Rambo

Deyaa was born to an artistic family. His father was his main supporter since he was a little kid, enrolling him in drawing classes and sculpting his talents. He started his graffiti career in 2005, thanks to encouragement from his sister, who convinced him to participate in a graffiti drawing competition. He got introduced to other local Saudi graffiti artists, a friendship developed, and they started practicing art together, expanding their horizons through different techniques they acquired and learned from the internet.

How did people perceive their art at first? And how did they accept it.

Being a trend setter isn’t the easiest job to do, and this artistic duo learned that throughout their illustrious career. Their art came from fusing their Arab culture and heritage with western techniques and method. At first, people refused to acknowledge their art, and didn’t even consider it as art. They were adamant to continue and prosper, and now they are spearheading the graffiti scene in Jeddah. They have their own graffiti supply store and clothing brand.

For so many, this story of success is not only inspiring, but a true reflection of what everyone should believe. So as this dynamic duo continue to amaze people with their art and talent, we continue to support each and every one to believe in themselves, never hesitate to express, and continue to progress.

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